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Food Tales Sunshine Coast

Have you heard about this?

FOOD TALES & RECIPES OF THE SUNSHINE COAST Written by local foodie Lisa Blainey-Lewin, this book called Food Tales & Recipes of the Scenic Sunshine Coast is a brilliant idea for locals and visitors to this gorgeous area we live in. It includes recipes from some of our most celebrated chefs on the coast as […]

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Gluten Free Cakes for BRHCC Fundraising Easter 2014 Thumbnail

Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club Fundraising Day Easter 2014

Today Cook Gluten Free supplied some yummy cakes for the Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club fundraising day at The Shambles in Montville. Perfect weather and all the gluten free cakes sold out by midday, yeah!!!   Here is a pickie….

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Cheese and mouse photo

Lactose Intolerance Information

Lactose Content In Cheese Some Questions Answered…..   The lactose content of various milk sources are very similar, in that they range between 4-5%.  When making cheese 98% of this lactose is lost when pouring off the whey, leaving the remaining 2% in the curd, which  used to make cheese.  Depending on the aging and […]

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The Gluten Free Food Expo is back again in 2014!

The Gluten Free Food Expo is back again in 2014! Friday 23 May 1pm to 7pm Saturday 24 May 9am to 3pm Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Bookmark www.glutenfreefoodexpo.org.au for updates on the event as it draws closer.

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Gluten Free Savory Waffles

Gluten Free Savoury Waffles – Cheese & Chives

Gluten Free Savoury Waffles   These gluten free savoury waffles are a real treat. You can create some really great toppings for these or just eat them as they are. Some obvious ones are poached eggs, bacon, or any other breakfasty topping or you could do something more involved which I will show you in […]

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Gluten Free Tiramisu - Featured Picture

Gluten Free Tiramisu

Gluten Free Tiramisu This is my Dad’s favourite desserts, apart from Sticky Date Pudding. This recipe has been made easy using Schars Savoiardi. Thank you to Schars Gluten Free Products. INGREDIENTS 2 packets of Schar Gluten Free Savoiardi (Sponge Fingers) MASCARPONE CREAM 6 Free Range Egg Yolks 228 Grams of white sugar 120 mls or […]

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Flowered Boiled Egg on Gluten Free Toast

A Message from Coeliac Australia

A MESSAGE FROM COELIAC AUSTRALIA Well it’s been confirmed. There are many more people with Coeliac Disease in Australia than we previously thought. Thanks to research conducted by Dr Jason Tye-Din at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, we now know that Coeliac Disease affects 1 in every 70 Australians. That’s about 345,000 people, and […]

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Broccolini with Rice Noodle - Featured Image

Broccolini with Gluten Free Rice Noodles

Broccolini with Gluten Free Rice Noodles   There are lots of ingredients in this, however if you couldn’t be bothered making the spice paste yourself, you can use a commercial Thai curry paste instead. This dish usually uses coconut milk, however due to my current dietary restraint of ‘no fats’, I am using 100% natural […]

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Roxi - close up sleeping

Roxi and the saga of her left foot!

So I took Roxi back to vet today to have her plaster re-done (Maleny Veterinary Services – they are fabulous, gorgeous and funny, especially without much sleep). Anyway Dad asked me to ask them if they could put another plaster on her right foot because he always wanted a Boxer, ha ha ha. So they […]

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Basil, Thyme and Oregano

Fresh herbs from your garden

These is nothing like having herbs growing in the garden, is there? We are lucky in this area pretty much anything will grow if you choose the right spot. I was making Spaghetti Bolognese (Dad loves it) the other night and that afternoon, before it started raining again I hopped outside to the herb garden and […]

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