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Cheese and mouse photo

Lactose Intolerance Information

Lactose Content In Cheese Some Questions Answered…..   The lactose content of various milk sources are very similar, in that they range between 4-5%.  When making cheese 98% of this lactose is lost when pouring off the whey, leaving the remaining 2% in the curd, which  used to make cheese.  Depending on the aging and […]

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Roxi - close up sleeping

Roxi and the saga of her left foot!

So I took Roxi back to vet today to have her plaster re-done (Maleny Veterinary Services – they are fabulous, gorgeous and funny, especially without much sleep). Anyway Dad asked me to ask them if they could put another plaster on her right foot because he always wanted a Boxer, ha ha ha. So they […]

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Roxi with Charlie October 2010 - Featured Image

Roxi, my eldest dog – the Foodie!

Poor little Roxi has surgery yesterday on her left foot. Today she is running around like it didn’t happen. Remarkable! Here are 2 photos of her, one when I just got her home from Maleny Veterinary Services where everyone there is fabulous! The next one of her in the kitchen being my Sous-Chef as usual, […]

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Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi, Beef Cheeks & Basil Pesto

Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi and Braised Beef Cheeks with Basil Pesto So my recipe turned out to be AMAZING!!! Here it is finally! Try it out it, it was so delicious I wanted another serving. INGREDIENTS GLUTEN FREE BEETROOT GNOCCHI 300 grams of starchy potato 100 grams of beetroot 170 grams of gluten free plain […]

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