Potato Gnocchi in Creamy, Pecorino, Pancetta and Basil Sauce

Potato gnocchi in creamy, pecorino, pancetta and basil sauce.

 Potato Gnocchi with Panchetta, Cream, Pecorino & Basil Sauce

Italian Translation: gnocchi di patate con crema, salsa di basilico e pancetta fresca con tre bambini colorati peperoni, asparagi e condite con olio bianco tartufoinfuso semi d’uva


Potato Gnocchi

6 slices of Gluten Free Pancetta (not too thin otherwise it falls apart) – Mild (or hot if you prefer)

220 grams of grated Pecorino Romano  – (Cheese made from Sheep’s milk preferred – I used the Australian brand  Zanetti’s)

200 ml Cream – I have used King Island Cream

Note: If you have a lactose intolerance then you can replace the cream with a mixture of water and gluten free cornflour.

50 ml water – filtered

Fresh Sweet or common Basil – 2 tablespoons sliced, tops for decorating

Baby Peppers – 3 colours ( whatever is in season )

Cracked Black Pepper

White Wine – about 2 tablespoons

Asparagus  – 3 or 4 stalks per serve

White Truffle Infused Grape Seed Oil – I used one with grape seed oil as it has a more delicate flavour then truffle infused in olive oil.


1. Make the Potato Gnocchi (refer to my recipe post for this)

2. In a large non-stick pan cook the pancetta just enough to melt the fat but not so much that it becomes crispy. If the pancetta is fatty then drain of the excess grease with kitchen paper. Slice into long strips and slice off extra fat bits. Leave aside. Discard the fat pieces.

3. Set aside the uncleaned pan to be reused.

4. Seed and slice the bell peppers , lightly spray with olive oil ,and slow roast ( at 150 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes ) until soft. Do not burn or let the skin come away .Leave in the oven ( turned off )

5. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and then add the desired amount of gnocchi carefully (depending on how many people you are serving). When they float to the surface they are ready (about 5 minutes), just remove them with a slotted spoon and set them in a strainer to drain off the excess water.

6. Chop some of the basil and set aside some tops of the basil to garnish at the end.

7. Steam the asparagus in a steamer or in the microwave until it is still partially uncooked and holds its shape and is still crunchy when you bite it. (If using a microwave cook for no more than 30 to 40 seconds on high and if using a microwave, leave this until step 8).

8. In a bowl add the cream, the grated Pecorino Romano,  pinch of salt, and  cracked black pepper.  Splash in some white wine (about 2 tablespoons) and combine, using a whisk, all the ingredients until well mixed.

9. Heat the same pan that cooked the pancetta to a low heat and add the sliced pancetta. Quickly add the cream and cheese mixture and stir through.

10. If you feel the sauce is too thick, add a little water.

11. Turn the pan onto medium, add the gnocchi to the pan stirring continuously to blend the cheese and the cream. (Be careful not to overheat, as the cream may split.)

12. Add the chopped basil to the pan and fold through.

13. Using a large spoon , plate up amount required for each person.

14. Place on top 2 pieces of each colour bell pepper on the centre of the gnocchi dish to make a flower shape.

15. Place 3 pieces of asparagus on top of the bell peppers to make a kind of star shape.

16. Place the basil tops right in the centre on top to decorate.

17. Finally drizzle a small amount of the White Truffle infused Grape Seed Oil on top.

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